Friday, August 5, 2011

Good Bloggers Pay it Forward

My lovely friend over at Fox in the City has nominated me for this wonderful award, thanks so much sweetie pie! It's very cool, and I'm always so flattered and humbled when I get an award.
As always though, there are rules to follow, so lets get down to it. The rules are that I'm supposed to present said award to 5 other bloggers that I like and tell you why I love those blogs and bloggers. Foxy followed the rules, our friend Jill decided rules were for squares but we love her anyway...the lil rebel :)

Here are my 5!

1.  She's my friend in RL, Alicia at Sh*t In My Yard
She is funny and friendly to the environment!

 2.  My bloggy friend Summer at Painy Days and Mondays
She is also a Spoonie/Fibro sufferer like me and I just love her strength and honesty...and sense of humor!

3.  Duckalicious at Batcrap Crazy
Need I say more?

4.  Ally at Fourth Grade Nothing
She writes about 80's nostalgia stuff that takes me back.....WAY back to when I grew up.  I just love it!

5.  And just cause I love all 3 of the ladies that started this blog, Cheesy Bloggers

All of the bloggers on this list have made me laugh my ass off, a few have made me cry, rethink my views on things and even taught me a few things.  Thanks to all u guys!

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