Saturday, February 19, 2011

Master Procrastinator

How terrible is it that I haven't put away my Christmas decorations yet?  Wait, wait!  Before you come over to my house with torches to lynch me, my decorations aren't still put out....I mean, come on give me a little credit here.  I do have them down and boxed up, ready to go into storage.  They just haven't quite made it into the attic.  My christmas tree is still put together in the corner now though, with no decorations on it - kinda weird looking if you think about it.  Just a green tree growing in the corner of my living room....bizarre.  2 boxes are stacked in a chair and the remainder of the boxes are in the floor.  It's pretty sad, it almost doesn't bother me's almost a part of the decor.  Storage-chic?  Is that a thing?  Hobo-boxy?  Okay, I know I'm reaching...that's my thing, trying to justify why I've been to damned lazy to put the shit in the attic.  I can say that my Hubby and I have both been sick, I've had multiple fibro-flareups that have prevented me from taking care of it and yes those have been factors in my lack of housekeeping.  However if I want to be totally honest, I'm just a terrible procrastinator and I'm also married to one.  Hell, with the two of us together it's a wonder anything ever gets done.  Is there a PA program somewhere (Procrastinators Anonymous)?  Wishful thinking...oh well.  I don't get it.  I don't pull this shit at work!  If I did, I wouldn't have a job. You would think as OCD as I am at work I would be the same way at home...nope!  Only at home do I switch to my other personality....Master Procrastinator.  This post is a prime example of my disease!  It's Saturday, I have all afternoon free to do housework.  I feel pretty good day so there's no physical reason I can't do it, and what am I doing?  Farting around on my blog writing about what a procrastinator I am and all the shit I have to do.  God I need help....

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Alicia said...

I only got our Xmas stuff put away two weekends ago, so I wasn't too much ahead of you. And I actually kind of liked how that bare silver tree looked in our living room, too! Thought about decorating it for Valentine's Day. Happy late anniversary, BTW!