Thursday, February 24, 2011

Soundtrack of my life-childhood and teenaged Karen

I was inspired after reading a blog entry by Lady Estrogen on her blog, where she listed her top 10 songs of all time and told little stories about times in her life when she first heard those songs. (her blog is great btw, check it out if you haven't) 
I started thinking about different times in my life and  the songs that made them what they are.  I came up with some songs, but instead of a top ten list, I decided to put them in chronological order and share with you stories about the songs as they related to the different stages of my life.  I won't be able to fit all of them into one post, so we're just doing up to awkward Teenybopper Karen today.

When I think of music in my childhood, three artists come to mind:  KC and the Sunshine Band, Elton John, and Johnny Cash. 
Boogie Shoes by KC and the Sunshine Band was always great, I had the 45 record and played it non-stop on my record player (don't know what a 45 is?  look it up youngsters!). 
Don't Go Breakin' My Heart was another one I listened to non-stop on my record player.  Kiki Dee and Elton John's duet was just a great upbeat song that put you in a great mood.  My Mom always tells people the story that when I was little, I couldn't pronounce the name "Elton," so I called him "Melton" and I called Kiki Dee "Rinky Dinky."  Melton John and Rinky Dinky.....too funny. 
Lastly of course is the Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash.  My Dad listened to him a lot, and my favorite Johnny Cash song is "I Walk the Line."  You can't go wrong with any of his music, but this is my favorite. 

On to awkward teenaged Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teenage Years:
My teen years had their ups and downs, good times and bad.  I was a teenager during the 80's - big hair, acid washed jeans, jelly bracelets and shoes, dressing like madonna, John Hughes movies, and members only jackets. 
This one was hard for me to choose, there is so much great music that came out of the 80's but I did end up choosing 2 songs. 
First is True Colors by Cyndi Lauper.  I remember when Cyndi Lauper came out onto the music scene, she was VERY different and made it okay for you to be different.  I never felt like I fit in, so I really related to her.  True Colors has such a great melody and the lyrics are great.  The songs holds up all these years later - it doesn't sound dated at all.  It is still one of my all time favorites ever. 
The second is representative of the 80's hair bands, Here I Go Again by Whitesnake.  It was big at our high school and it just reminds me of those days at Eastern.  Plus, it's still a great song to rock out to. 

So, that's the soundtrack to my childhood and teen years.  Hope it brought back some memories for you too.  If it did, share some of your soundtrack with me, I'd love to hear about it.  I'll pick up with the next blog and continue the fun, more cool songs to talk about!

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Lady Estrogen said...

Thank you for that mention!!
Also - KC & the Sunshine band - haha.. love it ;)
You should also link this post up with my Feb Music hop - still not too late!!