Friday, October 19, 2012

When You're a Jet You're a Jet all the Way: Part 3

Well you're not going to believe this.  My kitteh gang is back, and I think I am now da boss! 

You sees, I gots dem kittehs workin for me guarding the house.

Since my husband and I split up I've been seeing them coming around more. 

Almost every day when I come home, I see at least one if not more of them sitting on my front stoop standing guard.  Then I might see another on the other side of the yard, or walking down at the edge of the street.

Today, they had it goin on.  2 posted at my front porch, one on each side, one pacing up and down the sidewalk....I guess guarding from weeds from my non-existent flower beds, and one taking the perimeter of the front yard.  They have got it down to a military-like precision, I'm tellin you.  When I went inside, I could almost swear I got a little kitteh military salute.

So am I a kitteh gang leader, or are they a little kitteh army?  Now I'm confused because I don't know if I''m the Don or the General of this ragtag band of thieves.

Might have to give this some thought.  What do you guys think?

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