Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Listicles with NW Mommy

Today I decided to hook up with Northwest Mommy and her weekly Monday Listicles! This week's list is on 10 THINGS YOU THOUGHT AS A CHILD YOU WOULD DO or BE. Wow, I had a pretty big imagination as a child and I read adventure books A LOT as a very shy and introverted child (grew out of that now didn't I?) LOL! I wanted very much to crawl into the adventures of many of the books I was reading and live out those characters lives, but here is my master list of who I wanted to be when I grew up:

10. WONDER WOMAN - Okay, I grew up in the 70's and I had Wonder Woman Underoos, and totally idolized Linda Carter. What girl didn't want to be Wonder Woman for God's sake?

9. Barbie - Yes I had a townhouse (with an elevator thank you very much!). Who didn't want to be Barbie? Oh, except when my brother took my dolls and threw them over the railing onto the garage floor and made their limbs all pop off. Poor poor abused Barbie....forshadowing for my life perhaps?

8. A famous singer! I had some piano talent, but when I discovered my singing voice I was like, "YEAH!" Totally wanted to be Debbie Gibson or Tiffany (this was the 80's people...perspective please). Madonna was a little scary, so I stayed with the cleancut singers.

7. A contemporary christian singer/songwriter. I changed gears a little when I started singing with my church group and I did start writing music. I fancied myself the next Amy Grant at the time.

6. Okay, reality had to step in a little bit, so I decided I might want to teach, perhaps music or history. This was dashed after I worked at an afterschool program with some behaviorally challenged kids. I decided children were the devil at that point of my life, and teaching was OUT.

5. Nurse - I started in nursing school, truly felt this was a passion for me. I was already working as a nursing assistant with the elderly and had a love for it. Unfortunately, the program was way too much for me and I had to withdraw.

4. Possible Psychologist, or researcher in psychology. Nixed that, was tired of college and to do anything with a psychology degree required at least 2 more years...I didn't have 2 more years in me.

3. A wonderful wife and mother, with a decent job. Doesn't exactly work when your husband is a drug addict, divorced him. I did love being a stepmother, I loved my daughter very much and I think I was a great mother to her. Only chance I have had in my life to be a mother.

2. A wonderful wife and mother, with a decent job, part 2. I have a great job that I do love most days as an account manager/customer service rep. The mother thing never happened, pretty much due to the same reasons as #3 and other issues in our marriage. This bit the dust as well.

1. Dammit, I am not giving up! I don't care if I get married again, or have children...I'm at the age where that might not happen, but to find the RIGHT man and have a great partnership with someone, along with a great job is really all I want out of life. This is a work in progress, I will have to keep you posted but I want to be happy being me and happy with someone who loves me FOR ME.

Well, you got sort of a mini biography out of my list, you know me guys....I lay it all out on the table. For better or for worse, it is what it is! Hope you enjoyed my list, link up and write your own! I'd love to read it!

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