Thursday, February 21, 2013

I once was a Muppet....

I'm hooking up to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop once again, this time taking on the topic of telling the story of a talent or hobby that I tried to learn that I pursued only briefly.

Well, if you must know, I once was a Muppet. 

I was a McLeansville Muppet - I was a 6 year old soccer player for a team called.....and say it with me, the McLeansville Muppets. 

Now, you guys have no idea about this little secret about me but I'll share this with you - I have absolutely no athletic prowess whatsoever, and I have 2 left feet which are useless in the sport of soccer.  I was the little girl in the long pigtails running away from the ball.  In addition, even with shin-guards, getting kicked in the shins hurt like freakin hell and I was highly averse to pain even in sacrifice to the Soccer Gods. 

I played 2 years as a Muppet, then was old enough to be a Blue Devil.  (yes, I realize they named us after Duke and as a UNC fan that irks me to this day).  I was slightly older, but in a ponytail and still running away from the ball....and begging my parents to let me quit because I FREAKING HATED IT!!!!  I played one year as a Devil, and my parents finally put me out of my misery and allowed my soccer career to come to an end.  I burned my shin guards, chucked my cleats out forever and NEVER PLAYED AGAIN. 

I felt so badly for my teammates to have such a sucky player like me.  They were so frustrated with me, but when you suck as bad as I's really not my fault!  It's like  a deficiency or something with me, lol! 

A huge shoutout tho to we former Muppets:  Tiffany, Mechelle "Howdie", Joanna, Laura Jo (aka, "Red"), Allison, Julie, JJ, Shannon, Tonya, Mandy, Karen, and Alecia.  I know I'm leaving some out....going by an old picture (and no you guys are not seeing it)!  I love my Muppeteers, we were all in school together until the end for the most part so you guys are special ladies!


handflapper said...

I was that girl, but fortunately for me and sports teams everywhere, my athletic career was derailed before it even got started. My parents signed me up for softball when I was six, and then my daddy tried to teach me to catch, and then he hit me dead center in the face with the ball, which is so erroneously misnamed it is not even funny. Game. Over.

Karen and Gerard said...

Glad your parents finally let you quit. I'm surprised you went on to the Blue Devils if you hated it so much.

Karen said...

My parents wanted my brother and I both to be these athletic kids, and made us continue on for those agonizing years. My brother's career came to a screeching halt when he fell off some monkey bars after practice and broke his arm. He went to great lengths to get out of his soccer career. Unfortunately, my aversion to pain kept me in mine longer.