Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hey It's Okay Tuesday!

I'm linking up today with the blog "Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time" for her weekly posting: "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday"

Here's my list...

Hey it's okay.... That I didn't watch or really give a crap about the Oscars this year. I didn't go see any of the movies (although I do really want to see Les Mis and Lincoln as well as Life of Pi). Plus, they had it on opposite The Walking Dead. Really? Which one did you think was going to win in Karen's house? Zombies of course!

Hey it's okay.... That I have not and am not buying ANY easter candy whatsoever! I'm trying to stay away from that stuff (PMS time does not count).

Hey it's okay.... That I want to crawl into a ball in the corner today...having a bad fibromyalgia flareup and I just want to go home and lay on my heating pad. As a matter of fact, I really need like a full body heating pad if anybody can hook me up.

Hey it's okay.... That I have to figure out how to reconfigure my Nook to my wireless connection somehow. I don't want to call "he who shall not be named" for help, so I've got to figure this out on my own. Wish me luck!

That's pretty much all I've got! Link up if you want with your list!


WhisperingWriter said...

Yup, I also watched The Walking Dead and just caught highlights on the Oscars.

Suz and Allan said...

Sorry about your fibro flareup :(

Karen said...

Feeling a little better today. No rain and I think the sun is actually coming out today. It's insane how the weather affects my symptoms, dude.