Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I'm resurrecting Wordless Wednesday, just because it's so much damned fun!

This week's theme is in honor of my favorite show ever, The Walking Dead which we only have 2 more weeks of! *SOBS*

I have a Pinterest board just for The Walking Dead (Yeah I do, what of it?) and it has some new cool shit on it since I last did a Walking Dead Wordless Wednesday, so here we go!

Celebrating the death of Lori this season
Totally love this Calvin and Hobbes mashup!
Love me some Darryl and that commercial rocks!
Love that Carl is a total badass this Season instead of a pain in the ass
This is just cool!
Another awesome mashup!
Um, my birthday is in October so you have plenty of time to shop for this for me.
So, how do you think this season is going to end?  Will the Governor get what's coming to him?  A major character usually dies...who will it be?


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