Monday, May 7, 2012

10 things that happen in an hour

I'm linkin up with Northwest Mommy for the first time for her Monday Listicles. This week's list is to write 10 things that happen in an hour in my day.

I chose 8-9am, it's my first hour at the office - this is what happened today.
1. Whipped my car into the parking lot, dragged my sleepy carcass inside just shy of 8am.

2. Cut on desk lights, computer, unpacked essentials from my bag: lip balm, lotion, medications, cell, change for drink machine, day planner.

3. Opened email and cleared out all the crap. Found umpteen from the same person in Hong Kong about the same thing....again. Cleared out all but one, and answered her. Hoping she'll shut it for the day.

4. Realized the rest of my email required caffeine, so went to make coffee. Drank that in minutes, went in for second cup.

5. Another realization: If I am to make it through this Monday, I needed tunes. Hooked up MP3 player so I'd have jamz all day long. does soothe the savage beast. Or, in this

6. Dove back into emails, prioritizing those I could answer and delete quickly and those that will take longer. Not many to delete today....shit.

7. Co-worker out again today, guess who is covering 2 desks yet again? Yeah.... Can I call in sick tomorrow?

8. Say a quick prayer for my day....the Serenity Prayer is my go-to.

9. Great, another customer missing product. I hate filling out quality forms! Now we gotta reprint the shit.

10. Looks at clock, calls hubby to hear friendly voice. Realizes it's only 9am and sigh.


Bees With Honey said...

Oh the life of the office. You made me laugh. Coffee is everyone's saving grace, isn't it?

Karen said...

I don't do much coffee tho...makes my tummy very unhappy. Think I had too much today :(
On to the peppermint tea!

SouthMainMuse said...

Gosh..that brought back memories thought I haven't been in an office environment for a while. But even when things get crazy around here, I dial my husband. Just like you said, "Calls hubby to hear friendly voice." Love that.

Stasha said...

Oh dear, the office! It sounds like so much fun... not. But I am so hapy you called hubby for a little happy moment. That is so sweet.
Thank you for joining us Karen!!

AudreyN said...

Ah weird how this makes me miss the office just a little bit