Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Time for another edition of......WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy!  Most of these came from Pinterest, my new addiction!  Come follow me if you are on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/karenappy

On to the fun!

My new favorite cookie!  Kinda glad they're limited edition.  Try them out, they're awesome!

Yeah, pretty much me all day long!

True Dat!  Even zombies can't kill Chuck Norris!

Yeah, pretty much me again.....

Need me a mockingjay pin before the Hunger Games comes out!

Been like this since I was 5....speed reader Karen!

I love Snuffalupagus!!!! :)

I'm looking at you Lady E!!!  LMFAO!!!!!

One more for Chuck.....bad ass mother fucker!


Lady Estrogen said...

If only I did twinkle, that would be swell! Ha!

That Chuck Norris/Rambo/MacGyver one is really bad ass. Love it!

Karen said...

The last thing you need is to twinkle my cuntdragon friend!

Chuck Norris is pretty bad ass...I love that one and the zombie one!