Thursday, July 12, 2012

When you're a Jet....continued

Well I think the kittehs are starting to make their way back now that the heat wave is over.  I came home from work tomorrow night, and what did I see hiding back in the bushes?  A kitteh!  Much as he tried to hide, I saw a little kitteh cat.  He was all alone, guess he was holding down the fort/hideout while the other kittehs were out doing kitteh gang business.
We've had some rain, so they haven't been hanging around while its been wet which sucks.

I was getting ready for work the other morning when I heard a kitteh rumble a happening outside the window!  Gang wars have begun!  Uh Oh!  I hope they weren't fighting over that ho-cat Maria, when she's in heat she doesn't care if your name is Tony or what!  Or, I hope it wasn't Dally fighting....don't hurt Dally!  (See, I can't decide if I have a West Side Story going on or The Outsiders, so we're combining storylines okay?)  Don't kill Ponyboy either!!!!  (stay gold Ponyboy....stay gold!!)

Well that's the latest kitteh gang adventures....Next installment will be when something else exciting happens, so we'll see!  It's supposed to rain all weekend, so it may be awhile.


Suz and Allan said...

This made me laugh because I can so clearly imagine cats doing this!

Karen said...

Me too...I'm so visual so I can just make up kitteh stories all day long. That's why I want the kittehs to come back! I need more kitteh story fodder!

Ducky said...

I love West Side Story! Your version makes me giggle. Kitteh....ha!