Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Forever 27 Club

Not sure how I didn't realize this "club" existed, but Amy Winehouse has now joined the 'Forever 27 Club' which is a group of musical artists that have tragically died at the young age of 27. 

Amy makes number 6.  Almost makes you believe in crazy stuff like numerology doesn't it?

The founding member of this club is Brian Jones, ex-guitarist for the Rolling stones back in 1969.  He was found in the bottom of his swimming pool.

About a year later, Jimi Hendrix joined the club when he was found in a hotel room in London after he had combined sleeping pills with too much wine.

Two weeks after Hendrix's death, Janis Joplin joined the club when she was found dead inside her Porsche from a heroin overdose.

In 1971, Jim Morrison joined the club when he was found dead in a bathtub. Cause of death was deemed "heart failure."

No new members joined the group for years until 1994 when Kurt Cobain was found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound, less than 2 months after his 27th birthday.

Years passed again, and then this past weekend Amy Winehouse became the 6th member of the 'Forever 27 Club.'  Although her cause of death hasn't been determined, I think we are all pretty sure that drugs will be found to be a factor in her death.

27 years old....when I think about where I was at that age and what I was doing, drugs was something that was the farthest thing from my radar at the time.  I was working, trying to build a career and dating around trying to find a guy that was right for me.  I hadn't even been able to afford to move out of my parent's house yet! 

Yet these 6 people were rock stars, out in the world, taking off like rockets in the sky, little did they know they would burn out early and be knocked out of orbit and fall hard back to earth. 

Makes me think about my own mortality, I can tell you that.  Makes me slow down and appreciate my simple life with my plain old job, dog, and my normal wonderful husband. 

Not sure where I was going with this blog, and don't want to wax poetic on you, but just take stock of your life.  If you have demons in your life you need to get off your back, fight them and get rid of them.  You can get rid of them, and there are those out there that will help you do so.

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