Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sleeping in weird places...

No it's not what you think.....get your mind out of the gutter Lady E! (yeah, I called you out right here sista!)

I'm going in for a sleep study tonight.  I know it won't be a big deal, but I'm pretty nervous about it nonetheless. 

Probes and sticky things on my head and body doesn't sound too awesome to me, it kinda freaks me out a little.  Never had anything like this before in my life. 

About 8:30-9pm tonight, start sending happy positive thoughts my way guys.  Gonna need them!

Of course, I will post a complete rundown of my experience for a Fibro Friday edition!  It will probably be next week.

Let's hope this is me tonight...the sleep part, not the kitty part.

Forgot to add that Duffy the Fibro slaying duck will be keeping me company also!
She'd better not hog the covers...


A New Beginning Organizing said...

I've had several of them and you just have to get your mind to relax so you can get to sleep. It was hard for me because I listen to white noise at night and they wouldn't let me, so it took a little longer to get to sleep. Glad I did it though, my CPAP machine saved my life!

Fox in the City said...

I am not certain that I would be able to sleep at all. I have trouble sleeping in different places and add onto that all the prodes etc. and I just can't see me being able to fall asleep.

I am curious and looking forward to your next post to see how it goes.

Lady Estrogen said...

Hahaha - weird places - like a ditch? Yeah, I've done that. Shhh.
Wait. What?

Good luck :)

I'm Angela! said...

In college I was able to sleep anywhere and everywhere at the drop of a hat. Then I had kids and got various depressive disorders. Now I can't sleep anywhere without the help of (safely prescribed) drugs.

I hope the sleep study goes well for you :)