Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Kiss that Changed Everything

My good friends over at Cheesy Bloggers sent out a call for kissing stories:  good, bad, awkward, or otherwise and I thought I would tell the story of the kiss that changed my life - the first kiss I had with Hubby.

I have to set the scene a little for you guys.  My friends had set me up one Saturday night with one of their friends, Robbie at a bar where we went to sing karaoke every weekend.  Robbie brought a friend that night who happened to be Alan.  Now I didn't know at the time, but Alan REALLY liked me.  Robbie however liked me too and asked me out for the next weekend.  We were to meet up at the same bar the following Saturday, although Alan didn't know this at the time.

I show up at the bar, and stupidhead Robbie stood me up.  However, Alan had shown up that night hoping I would be there and that he could talk to me.  We ended up getting a table together and talking and hanging out during karaoke.  We both sang our karaoke songs when we were called up, and were having a great time. 

Later on, those same friends that had set me up with Robbie showed up and joined us.  My girlfriend, Ginger started watching me and Alan and noticed the chemistry that was happening between us.  During the next dance break, she pulled me aside and said, "Girl, you need to get him up there and dance with him!"  So, I did. 

That O-Town song came on..."All or Nothing" and we started slow dancing.  It was very crowded on the small dance floor, so he had to hold me very close (hehe).  Without us saying anything, our heads turned toward each other at the same time and our lips met in the sweetest kiss I have ever experienced.    The whole world seemed to disappear as the kiss deepened and we kissed until the song finished playing.

We have been together since that night.


SarcasmInAction said...

how sweet! thanks for sharing. if it's ok with you, we'd like to post this on cheesy bloggers as well :)

karen said...

I'd love it if you did!

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Fox in the City said...

Ah, now I am feeling all warm and lovey! That is a sweet story.

Lady Estrogen said...

Awe - that really is lovely.
I didn't see the escargots in here though. lol