Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stand By Me - 25 years later

I just want to share this link with you from Wil Wheaton's blog, in which he posted about the recent reunion he had with his fellow castmates and director Rob Reiner of the film, Stand By Me that he did 25 years ago with Jerry O Donnell, Corey Feldman, and River Phoenix.  I don't want to give anything away, but it was the first time all of them had been together since River's death of an overdose many years ago.  A very touching blog post, I was in tears by the end of it and I had to share it with all of you.


TexaGermaNadian said...

I will have to go check that out right now. I love that movie :)
Thanks for linking up to the storytellers blog hop! I am glad you did, and I hope you found some fun new reads. All the best!

Nancy said...

I'm sure it's emotional!
Love your blog!
I'm a new follower from the Sunday hop!
I would love it if you could hop by and visit, and maybe even follow me.

Heavenly Savings said...

Nice Blog! I enjoyed looking around and can’t wait to see your future posts! I’m a new follower Happy Sunday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

Opal Stevens said...

I'm your newest follower :D Hope you can check out my blog sometime,!

Alicia said...

I cannot BELIEVE that was 25 years ago!