Thursday, May 26, 2011

Master Procrastinator - Rehabilitated?

Back when I started this blog in February I told you guys what a major procrastinator I was - I had not even put up my Christmas decorations yet at that point.  Well shortly after that post I got the boxes put up, but the naked tree remained in the corner of my living room.....until last weekend I am ashamed to say.

However, it is now FINALLY PUT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yes it took until May for me to get it done, but hey - it got done didn't it?  Now I have the chair back where it belongs and a bunch of my husband's computer parts and shit are in that corner instead.  So, no it's not all pretty and clean over there, but I'll take what I can get. 

So kudos to me!  Back pain and all, I dragged that sonofabitch tree and put it up all by myself!  Aren't u proud?

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Marilyn said...

Hello there - stopping in to follow ya from blog hop thursday (a bit late but I'm here and loving it :)). Hope you can visit me sometime.. Marilyn from ~ Happy holiday..