Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weirdo hats

Had to do it guys....the royal wedding brought out some weird-ass hats (ass-hats....hehe) and I just had to comment on a few.  Most were really pretty and normal, some were just bizarre.  What is this thing about wearing hats on your forehead?  I don't get that at all....hats are for your HEAD people!!!!!!

Here are the standouts:

                                               Victoria Beckham's forehead hat with a stringy straw through it.

I think this hat looks like a canoe, Joan Rivers likened it to a vagina.  Either way - weird hat!!!

Orange feathers?  Really?  No no no.....just no.

Another forehead hat with roses and feathers sticking up - what are u, Pocahontas????

And the piece de le resistance - the "wicked stepsisters" as I call them.  Another blue canoe, and the beige one - a cross between a Minnie Mouse and Lady Gaga creation.  Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre.  That beige hat has got to be the strangest one of the bunch.

What was your favorite weirdo hat of the royal wedding?


vsteggs said...

I just don't get it. Really...why would people want to walk around looking like asshats?!?! Literally. I may not know anything about fashion...nothing...but I do know what looks hideous. Ick!

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Carolyn said...

OMG I was totally repeating "wicked step sisters" during the wedding--I couldn't get over it! Its not just their hats--but the facial expressions (or lack there of) too. haha Glad someone else thought the same!

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Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Very well said!
Defiantly a 'weird ass' style..

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PBJdreamer said...

Princess Eugenie's hat reminded me of a skee ball hoop at the carnival


that is all

karen said...

The wicked stepsisters walked around like they were smelling something bad too...what was up with that?