Monday, May 30, 2011

Bra....Oh how I hate you

Oh how I hate you.....torturous brassiere
You pinch me and squish, those boobies of mine
I want to burn you, then un-burn....then burn you again for fun
Just so you feel extra pain and go away forever
Or better yet, make you wear a tight bra yourself
That pinches and squashes
and digs and makes marks and makes you hurt
Just so you know what you feel like when I have to wear you
I hate you bra, I hate you oh so much
You suck you suck, you suck suck suck

Okay, I know it ain't poetry, but I really do hate my bra a lot.  It makes my back hurt a lot sometimes.
I've found that sports bras are great though, I've started wearing those and I bought some yoga tanks with bras in them also, and those things are SUPER FANTASTIC!  They are way comfortable, and don't make my back hurt.  It's great for my back pain. 

Anyway, even if I suck as a poet, I thought you'd enjoy my hatred of bras anyway and share the sentiment so enjoy!


Joy said...

HAHA - love it! Of course, with my massive knockers — I can't get away with just a sports bra.

Lady Estrogen said...

LOL - love it.
I have barely worn anything but a sports bra since I had the boys 2 1/2 years ago... except under dresses - I still have a LITTLE bit o' class. ;)
Make sure you visit me today! ooooooh!!

Megan said...

lol! I actually don't mind my bras :)

jillsmo said...

I, for one, do enjoy your hatred of bras, yes. Thank you.

karen said...

I have the big knockers too, that's not going to stop me from being comfortable dammit! Those torture devices are too much for me sometimes. A good sports bra with a tank under whatever shirt u wear can b plenty of support for us Busty Betties! With me, the fibromyalgia is the problem, when I'm in a bad flareup, I cannot handle a regular bra - I have to improvise.

WhiteRabbitJewelry said...

Needless to say, as the lucky owner of two breasts, I find it hard to not crack up, and even harder not to relate. This is indeed poetry.
I found You on Aquarius' Spring Blog Hop, and you captured my attention, and I will not only follow, but be back to read more, because you are awesome!
It's really fun to find all these great blogs about all different things.
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Thank You very much.
Let's burn some bras.
There should be a national bra burning day for bras that torture femalekind.