Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Food Diet? What the hell!

Okay, I know I write about Lady Gaga but she just offers up too many good topics sometimes.
The latest I found was an article on Fox News, where they reported that she is living on a baby food diet.

She is supposedly on the "goo diet" in which she eats only infant puree instead of grown-up, adult meals.  I'm not going to ask the obvious..."Is this chick insane?"  We pretty much know the answer to that question, but baby food?  Really? 

Can we start calling her Lady Goo Goo???

Even crazier, the story goes on to say that baby food sales are going up because women are buying baby food to TRY this stupid-ass diet!  I say to those stupid bitches....ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?  I mean really! Come on ladies, use your head for God's sake!

Stay out of the Goo Goo, and get your mind out of the Poo Poo!


Fox in the City said...

Hum well, I never cared much for the peas but some of the fruit were rather tasty! :)

So many today are sheep or lemmings, just following along without thinking.

Anonymous said...

My weird sister went through a short phase as a teenager when she ate baby food. I never saw the point; if you want applesauce, eat applesauce.

PS: check your title for a typo

karen said...

Sharyn, ur the only one that caught that! LOL....Baby Foot diet? OMG! Lady Gaga's eating Baby Feet!!!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Estrogen said...

Tisk, tisk, Karen. LOL

Celebs are stupid. Sad thing is that she's not the first nor will she be the last to do that diet. pssft.