Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Post for My Mom - Happy Mother's Day

I love my Mom y'all.  She is a hoot!  Everybody says we look just alike, I don't see it - but whatever.
We've always been close, and she's always been there for me.  Even when I've made choices that she didn't like, she supported me anyway.  Everytime my life crumbled around me, she's been there to help me put it back together again.  Everytime I've had my heart crushed, she was there with me until it mended itself.  My Mom is my friend, my confidant, my advisor, my counselor, my sounding board and is an invaluable part of my life.  I know I can never begin to repay all that she has given to me, but all I can say is Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  Thank you and I love you very much!


Michelle said...

Awwww!! She sounds like a wonderful mom! Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for stopping by the "Sit & Relax" weekend hop!

Nicki said...

Your mom sounds wonderful! I do miss my mom!!!!

Susie said...

Thanks for the beautiful flowers.
Just know that I am here for you.
I love being your Mom.
Love you