Saturday, April 9, 2011

I freakin love Star Wars!!!

I came home from my meeting this morning and needed to sit with my heating pad on, so I turned on the TV to see what was on and what should I find but the Star Wars marathon on Spike.  I freakin LOVE LOVE LOVE the Star Wars trilogy.  I'm talking about the original movies:  Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.  The others don't count as far as I'm concerned. 

Star Wars came out in 1977 when I was 5 years old.  It was the first movie I ever saw in the theater.  I remember my parents taking me and my brother to see it one summer while we were at Emerald Isle, NC at the beach on vacation. We were camping at the Travel-Park there in our pop-up camper (anybody remember those things?)  Anyway, my brother wasn't even 2 years old yet and even he remembers going to see it!!!  It was so mind blowing for its time, plus the fact that I was only 5 at the time - it was just almost too much for my little brain to handle!  Darth Vader scared the bejeesus out of me!!   Killed Obi Wan though?  What the hell?  Dude!

When Empire Strikes Back came out, we all went to see it as well.  Just as mind-blowing, but much sadder because of Han getting frozen and sent off to Jabba the Hut.  It seemed that the bad guys had won. Darth Vader still scared the bejeesus out of me and he was more evil than ever because he cut off Luke's arm!  But the shocker of all shockers - "Luke, I'm your father."  WHAT??????????????????????

Then we had Return of the Jedi, as a kid I love the Ewoks - I wanted one as a pet.  Couldn't believe there could be someone even more evil than Darth Vader, but then we meet The Emperor....creepy guy, and that voice, does he sound like a creepy pedophile to anybody else but me?  Anyway, so sad that Yoda died, OMG I think I cried dude!  Shocker number 2, Luke and Leia are sisters?  EWWW, didn't you guys make out?  Yuck!  At least it opened her up to get the bad boy, I liked her with Han better anyways. 

These movies just remind me so much of my childhood, I saw every one with my family during the summertime while we were on vacation at the beach.  It just brings back those great times for me.  Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.


Lady Estrogen said...

Most Star Wars freaks, I mean fanatics, like to dog on Jedi - but I LOVED it the most. I had a picture book of it that I carried around with me everywhere.

Jess and the boys said...

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Carolynleigh said...

Swingin' by to say hi! Now a new follower.

Alicia said...

Ha, ha! My other half was watching Empire (his favorite) yesterday and hubba-hubba-ing at Leia.

karen said...

Turn the hose on his ass if you have to, Alicia. You didn't let him watch Leia in the gold bikini did you? That seems to be the male fantasy de jour.

Nicki said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I so love the encouragement! I hope your pain is a low number today and how cool is it that we are the same age? I was 5 in '77 too! Although, I didn't really start to appreciate Star Wars until later in life and even now, the movies are like Nilla Wafers to me...I am never in the mood for a Nilla Wafer and the sight of the box turns me off. But inevitably, I reach my hand in the box because who the hell can pass up a cookie, even if it is gross? Well, once I eat one, I am hooked until half the box is gone. Same for Cheezits and Animal Crackers. Star Wars is kinda like that for me. So is Star Trek. I never want to watch it. I will not put it on. But if it is on (say my hubbie is watching it) and I happen to catch a glimpse of it, I end up watching the rest and kinda enjoying it. Weird.

Morela said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. Can't wait to read more of your blog.


Michelle said...

I remember playing "Star Wars" when I was little! Following now from a monday hop!

Jessica said...

I love Star Wars. :) My favorite is the Empire Strikes Back, I love Han Solo in that one. ;)
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Anonymous said...

I agree, those original Star Wars movies were the best.

CJ :)

Susanmeep said...

we love star wars too!

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Summer said...

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