Saturday, April 2, 2011

100 Facts About Me - Part 2 26-50

Resuming where we left off last time.....enjoy!

26.  I wanted to be Daisy Duke when I was growing up (was obsessed w/ The Dukes of Hazzard)

27.  If I couldn't be Daisy Duke, I wanted to be Wonder Woman (even had underoos!!)

28.  I LOVE that plastic bubble wrap (you know, that comes in packages).  We get that in at work sometimes, and I drive my co-workers NUTS popping all the bubbles.  It's a great stress reliver!!!!  I have 2 big sheets in my desk right now!!! (LMAO)

29.  I know sign language.  I went to a college that had a rather large deaf population, made several hearing impaired friends, so I got good enough to interpret for events and was interpreter for my sorority for a couple of years even.  Not as good now, but I can still get by if I need to.

30.  Speaking of sororities, I was a Kappa Delta in college.  Still active with the alumni association today.

31.  I was in the play Grease in high school

32.  I collect shot glasses

33.  I was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology as a teenager.  Read all I could get my hands on.  When I was in school and found an elective class on Mythology, I jumped at the chance to take the class!

34.  I suck at math

35.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read

36.  My dog's name is Sunshine.  She's a yellow lab we adopted from the animal shelter.

37.  I'm a huge Elvis fan.  Love his music...his voice was like buttah!

38.   Also love Sting.  His music is great, and something about that yoga thing...SEXXXXY!

39.  To follow along the music thing, I'm a Coldplay fan.  Chris Martin is like a junior!

40.  I was extremely shy during middle and junior high (if u can believe that!).  Hid my nose in books to avoid people.  Finally came out of my shell junior year of high school.

41.  I met my  husband at karaoke at a  bar and grill called McPherson's.  (I'll blog the story for u one day)

42.  I have 2 stepchildren, one is 20 and one is 18

43.  I started learning piano at age 8

44.  I started singing at age 12

45.  My favorite flowers are daisies.  They are just the happiest flowers...I just LOVE them!

46.  I love to knit - but the only thing I know how to knit are scarves. (how funny is that?)  I SO need to go find a class so I can learn how to make something else.  Problem is, being left handed I always have to re-teach myself how to do everything left handed because when anyone teaches me this kind of stuff they can only teach me the right-handed way.  It's like I'm crippled!

47.  My first (and ex) husband was (and probably still is) a drug addict.  Those were very very bad times for me.  His drug of choice, crack cocaine of all things.  Glad I got out when I did. Was a long time ago though.

48.  My first kiss was when I was 13 to a boy named James. 

49.  I love the show Criminal Minds.  The sickos they have on there are simply delicious!

50.  Favorite ice cream.....chocolate!

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